Each person in independence of a field of activity, knows that a fertile soil – pledge of a rich crop.

The LLC SM TRADE company - the young, dynamically developing company which adequately represents itself in the market of mineral and organic fertilizers.





We carry out the activity as in the territory of Odessa and Odessa region, and across all Ukraine and abroad. The proximity of maritime routes, presence in the market of wholesale trade of numerous producers and consumers of production, existence of the developed transport and financial infrastructure, and also high level of business culture allows the company to expand constantly a circle of contractors and business partners.


Priority of work of the SM TRADE company in the market of wholesale trade is formation of the best price and qualitative offer for our partners, diversification of commodity groups and decrease in risks when carrying out commercial transactions therefore we are interested in collaboration with each successful Ukrainian or foreign company.

Besides wholesale trade we are focused on work with points of retail trade.

Working with us you at once you will feel advantages in quality, mobility, the logistics organization, service railway and road haulage.

The individual approach helps us to define your requirements and to render the operational solution of objectives.

 Our team is a group of the young dynamic and vigorous people knowing the business.

The range, presence of the qualified experts and loyalty of our company, and also competitive prices promote to be your reliable partner!

We offer technologies!


We will provide you mobility and reliability!